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Khoya is actually a very thickened mild milk product. It can be prepared at home by boiling and reducing the milk to a semi-solid stage. However, this method takes longer time. The following mawa recipe makes khoya quickly with the Ricotta Cheese easily available in supermarkets.


All you need is two tsp ghee and 2LB Ricotta cheese.



Heat heavy bottom and wide pan. Add two tsp ghee and ricotta cheese. Stir it continuously. After 5 to 10 mts ricotta cheese will starts to melt down. Keep continue stirring till all the moisture from cheese evaporates. Once the cheese thickens up turn off the heat. Let it get cool down. You can store it in fridge. It remains good for a week. It can be used to make any Indian sweet such as peda, gulabjams, burfi.

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