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Paneer is a bliss for Vegetarians.. What if you get to make it home? Yup it sound very difficult process to make it. But in fact its very easy and you get a satisfaction of making something yourself...

Preparation time : 5 mts
Cooking time : 20 mts
Serves : 4 people


  • 8 cups Whole Milk
  • 1/4 cup Lemon Juice
Homemade Paneer


  • Take whole milk in to pan, put that on a medium heat and bring that to boil.
  • Give that a stir so that it does not stick to the pan.
  • After milk comes to a boil, pour in lemon juice.
  • This will help the milk to curdle.
  • After whey starts to separate from curd. Turn the heat off.
  • Now pour paneer on to colander lined up with cheesecloth.
  • This will help to drain off all whey from the curd.
  • Now allow the paneer to cool of a bit.
  • Squeeze out all water from the paneer.
  • Now press the paneer and form it in to round disc.
  • Put the paneer in to colander, weight it with some heavy bowl.
  • And leave that for 30 mts.
  • After 30 mts unwrap the paneer and cut in to small cubes.

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Comments :

No Image Amazmerizing :     9 March 2015
Making this right now! So easy... love your blog and all these lovely recipes to try! I was fascinated to note that this is not at all like our cottage cheese, which is very wet and still curds. They say to add the acid when the milk is hot or cool to make different cheeses. Cheese-making is AMAZERS!!! Namaste! wink

No Image Caroline :     26 April 2014
Can you use soy milk or almond or coconut milk?

No Image prachi :     18 November 2013
hey Madhura.. me tuzi paneer at home chi recipe follow keli for veg Jelfrezi. paneer chhan zala n tyache cube pan chhan zale Veg Jalfrezi chi taste pan chhan hoti bt while making veg jelfrezi paneer add kela tar paneer che bhajit ekdam chote chote particles vhayla lagle.. i dont know maza kaay can u pls tell me he kashyamula zala next time kaay sudharna karu..

No Image vanita :     15 September 2013
Hi How r u? Aga hi recepie mi try keli...n jase tumhi sangitale aahe agadi tasech keley... pan paneer chi consistency smooth nahi zali..i mean te lagechch tutate aahe..tyacha bhuga hotoy...tumhi kelele paneer cut kelyanantar jase eksarkhe diste..tase nahi zale.....kharmarit zale..what is problem?

No Image jannat :     21 July 2013
where do u live?india?or abroad? oh oh

No Image Aarti :     19 July 2013
Please confirm how much qty of lemon juice will be required for 2 cups of milk as i wanna make a try first
No Image Madhura :     19 July 2013
@Aarti, 1~2 tbsp of lemon juice should be good enough.

No Image Pooja Pandey :     8 July 2013
Hi madhura,i saw ur all recipe they r really good...i wann to know where u buy cheesecloth in usa???plz reply me soon.....thx
No Image Madhura :     10 July 2013
I got this in Walmart but you should be able to get in other stores as well. Thanks for asking

No Image Akansha :     26 June 2013
This one is really good option instead of buying it from store. Thanks Madhura
No Image Madhura :     27 June 2013
Yep, I agree. It also goes very well with dessert recipe. So try few of them as well grin