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Carrot burfi is a delicious Indian dessert that has a awesome flavor of carrots cooked in milk. It can be easily prepared at home without much preparation.


  • Grated Carrots - 4 cups
  • Milk - 1 cup
  • Sugar - 3 cups
  • 1 1/2 Cup Milk powder
  • Heavy whipping cream - 1 cup
  • 1 tsp Cardamom Powder
  • Almonds for garnishing
  • 2 tsp chopped cashew nuts
  • 2 tsp raisins
Carrot Burfi


  • Wash, peel and grate carrots. Heat pan on medium high and add 4 tsp ghee or butter, add grated carrots and saute for 5 mts.
  • Add milk and sugar and cook for 10 mts.
  • Add dry fruits, mix, cover and cook for 5 mts.
  • Add milk powder, mix, add whipping cream, mix and cook till all the moisture from mixture evaporates.
  • Add cardamom powder, mix.
  • Grease tray with butter or ghee, pour carrot mixture in a tray, garnish with almond and wait till it gets cool down completely.
  • Cut in to desired shapes.

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Comments :

No Image Anita :     7 December 2015
Hi madhura, pls advise which brand heavy whipping cream you use.

No Image Joe :     12 June 2015
Hai... Madhu... am wondering you at this young age you are cabable of making varieties.. and appreciate your interest in developing. Keep going... but .... starving to taste your preparations.... great.

No Image salma ali :     6 June 2015
Write Message Here..i love your recipes. well done

No Image anima :     16 January 2015
Hi Madhura, Could you please tell the equivalent amount of khoya and milk for substituting milk powder and heavy cream , respectively. Thanks

No Image pooja punch :     12 September 2013
Hi Madhura...i have seen almost all of ur recipes. I must say they are just so delicious and yummy and easy to prepare. Ur cooking is simple and clean. Easy to try even for beginners. I eagerly await any new recipes that u post and be the first to try them too. I love ur style of cooking and i too hve developes intrest in cooking. Thanks and happy cooking.

No Image Lily Banerjee :     30 May 2013
Very Nice!!

No Image bina :     24 December 2012
tried ,very nice , thanks

No Image Preeta :     31 October 2012
Thanks for the recipe. I love your dishes and frequently visit your website.

No Image Mayz :     8 August 2012
Hello. Just wondering , in your video u say you are using 3 cups of carrots put in your ingredients list it says 4 cups of carrots .. so how much do we use ?

No Image Mayuri Kulkarni :     26 June 2012
Hi Madhura....for this 297 can we use normal cream instead of whipping cream & <br/>instead of milk powder evaporated milk.....

No Image Mayuri Kulkarni :     26 June 2012
Hi Madhura....i always use your recipes because they are very easy....can you show mango burfi as well....

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     26 June 2012
Hi Harshada, <br/>Thanks so much for feedback. I really appreciate that. Good to hear that your family relished this dish. Keep watching smile)

No Image Harshada :     26 June 2012
Hi Madhura, I always thought that sweet dishes are so difficult and lengthy to make but you simplify everything. I made gajar halwa first time using your recipe for my in-laws and they absolutely loved it. My 18 month old also ate a lot of halwa. Thank you so much, I feel like I have discovered a treasure smile

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     8 June 2012
Hi Ami, <br/> <br/>Thanks so much for feedback. Good to know that your family enjoyed it. Keep watching smile)

No Image ami :     7 June 2012
hi madhura, once again ur recipe rocks in my home.. <br/>thanks for sharing !!!!!!!

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     30 November 2011
Madhavi, <br/>Yes, you can use same recipe. Normally I use Nestle brand milk powder. Thanks

No Image Madhavi :     29 November 2011
Madhura, I came across this site recently, and I like it very much. <br/>Please let me know if we can make carrot halwa using same recipe with milk powder and heavy whipping cream? Also, which milk powder do you use? Thanks a lot.

No Image Anonymous :     28 November 2011
Hi Meets, <br/>Thanks, sure give it a try. Thanks :D

No Image meeta :     28 November 2011
hi madhura! ur 297 looks mouth watering. will surely try them tomorrow.

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     5 September 2011
Thanks Anjali for sharing the experience. Enjoy cooking.

No Image Anjali :     5 September 2011
Hi Madhura, <br/>Thanks a lot for this recipe. I tried it and it came out real good. Everyone loved it. Keep posting such quick n easy recipes. smile

No Image James K :     6 May 2011
Hi Madhura, <br/> <br/>I am allergic to milk, butter and ghee. But I am a great food eater and especially sweets. Is there any way I can have a substitute for this? I may give a chance to milk and mawa (mawa is yummy) but butter and ghee are out of question. Do let me know on this. <br/> <br/>Best regards, <br/> <br/>James K <br/>Navi Mumbai

No Image madhurasrecipe <i>(mod)</i> :     4 January 2011
Abid, <br/>Thanks for the feedback.

No Image Abid Chaudhry :     3 January 2011
Very Nice & perfact recipes keep it up

No Image madhurasrecipe <i>(mod)</i> :     23 November 2010
Hey Neeraja <br/>Thanks for appreciate efforts.

No Image Neeraja Abel :     22 November 2010
very good recipe.

No Image Madhura <i>(mod)</i> :     3 July 2010
Thanks for the comments. I saw your blog and its really nice. Keep it up.

No Image Tanmaya Kulkarni :     2 July 2010
Hi Madhura, am new to your site. You have got a nice collection of recipes especially Marathi ones. Do visit my blog too at

No Image Madhura <i>(mod)</i> :     15 June 2010
Thanks Shweta. Yes you can substitute milk powder using condensed milk...

No Image Shweta :     15 June 2010
Hey Madhura, <br/> <br/>Thanks for your amazing recipes. I have tried a few and they came out real good. I quick question. <br/>Can we add condensed milk instead of milk powder?