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The pancake gets refreshing flavor and taste of Orange Juice. Very easy to make and need few ingredients which are readily available almost anywhere. smiley


  • 1 cup Flour
  • 3 tbsp Sugar
  • 3/4 cup Orange Juice
  • 2 tbsp melted Butter
  • 1/2 tsp Baking Soda
Orange Pancake


  • Take Flour in to bowl.
  • To that add sugar and mix well.
  • Pour in orange juice and mix to make lump free batter.
  • Add melted Butter and mix.Add baking soda and mix well.
  • Heat pan on medium to high heat.
  • After pan is enough hot, grease it well with butter.
  • Then pour ladle full of pancake batter and spread that around.
  • Wait till it gets good golden color .
  • Give it a flip and let that turn golden from other side as well.
  • Serve hot with any topping of your choice!


You can use cherry or strawberry juice instead of orange juice.

Orange Pancake

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Comments :

No Image Incia :     11 February 2017
Madhura can u suggest any easy recipe for pregnant people

No Image Purti Tendulkar :     9 February 2017
Hello Madhura Tuzya recipes khup chhan astat Tu madhura's recipes Che app kadhu shakshil ka?

No Image aishwarya :     8 December 2016
tried it. Me and my husband loved it. He doesn't like pancakes and was reluctant to eat in the beginning. After taking a bite he never stopped. :D all thanks to you madhura
No Image Madhura :     9 December 2016
Aishwarya, Thanks a lot for the feedback. Enjoy cooking and stay tuned

No Image Sushma Gundapalli :     18 July 2016
Thank u madhura for this yummy and easy recipe.........
No Image Madhura :     22 July 2016
Thank you for the comment. Keep watching.

No Image Revathi :     24 December 2014
Hi madhura, I love the way you cook, I have learnt many recipes from you. And I am 5 months pregnant, Can you suggest me any good and healthy recipes for pregnat women, It would be great. smile Thank you in advance grin

No Image pal :     13 August 2013
sooooolet....ahes re yaar tu... grinpot bharle bagun

No Image smita :     8 July 2013
Great!! love your recipes madhura and also the way you explain the recipes...thanks
No Image Madhura :     10 July 2013
Thanks Smita. Appreciate the feedback. Take care

No Image Chitra Deshpande :     3 July 2013
Wa! Thanks for such a simple and perfect recipe Madhura! Khoop chhan zale pancakes! smile
No Image Sadaf :     22 July 2013
Is the flour used wheat or maida
No Image Madhura :     3 July 2013
Chitra, comment baddal Dhanyawad grin

No Image Anushka :     29 June 2013
You can use pancake mix and add orange juice

No Image Jannatul Ferdousi :     20 June 2013
sister,if i don't add baking soda,any problem then? smirk

No Image Gwan :     14 June 2013
Does the orange juice need to be at room temperature ? Ths!
No Image Madhura :     23 June 2013
Yes, its better but not needed. Thanks

No Image Saras :     12 June 2013
Just to add a note the Orange Flavored pancake by itself is yummy. I jazzed up a little by adding crushed walnut powder and my kid enjoyed it.
No Image Madhura :     12 June 2013
Thats simply great Saras. Thanks for sharing those tips with us.

No Image :     11 June 2013
Hi Madhura, just wanted to know u prepare orange by yourself or its ready made ?
No Image Madhura :     11 June 2013
No I used store bought juice for this recipe but you can use home made juice if you want. Thanks

No Image Nikhita :     11 June 2013
Great and very easy one!!
No Image Madhura :     11 June 2013
I am glad you liked it. Thanks

No Image saras :     11 June 2013
awesome idea
No Image Juhi :     5 July 2013
Hi Madhura, I'm a regular visitor of ur site I tried some of ur recipies and they r came out very good. Thanks again to share awesome recipies with us. N
No Image Madhura :     11 June 2013
Thanks Saras.