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Sometimes it so happens that we pick up more chillies from market that required. Or at times we make mistake while estimating and end up in have much more chillies than required. So let’s see how to keep chillies fresh for longer time.


  • Fresh Green chillies
How to store green chilies for months


  • Take chillies. Wash them and pat dry if you want.
  • You can store them right away and wash later while using.
  • Take a chili and pluck off its stem.
  • Put them into any dry, clean plastic container.
  • Stem of the chillies get infected first and chillies begin to rot.
  • Do not use knife. Pluck the stem with hand only.
  • At the same time remove the chillies that are rotten.
  • Close the lid of the container and store it into freeze.
  • The chillies stay good for about 3-4 weeks or sometimes for more time than that too.

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No Image Prachi :     4 March 2017
All your maharshtrian recepies for bigners are very useful. All are simply awesome
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Prachi, thanks a lot for those kind words. Happy cooking and stay tuned.

No Image Yasmeen :     9 January 2017
I like your recipes very much. I am your big fan
No Image Madhura :     9 January 2017
Thank you Yasmeen for those kind words. Happy cooking and stay tuned.

No Image Rema :     4 January 2017
I love your recipes
No Image Madhura :     4 January 2017
Thank you Rema for the feedback. Stay tuned for more.