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Generally all carry their home cooked food to office. Food packed in morning around 8 am turns cold by the time we eat it. Many offices don’t have microwaves to reheat the lunch. What if you like to have hot food? Let’s see how to keep hot food hot for a longer time.


  • Vaya Lunch Box
  • Some homemade steaming hot food
How to keep hot food hot


  • The solution is the lunch box by Vaya. This lunch box is really nice and elegant.
  • It has got 2 clips on sides.
  • After unlocking the clips you can lift the cover that closes this tiffin box.
  • This cover is heavy duty and helps to keep food hot.
  • It has 3 spill proof containers. The containers have copper finish and easy to remove lids.
  • Pour hot water in the containers and close the lid. Pouring hot water helps to warm up the containers.
  • Keep the containers aside for just about 5 minutes.
  • Pour out the hot water and wipe the container.
  • Pack your steaming hot food in each container and close the lid.
  • While packing the lunch box, keep the sabzi container at the bottom, then rice above rice container and on the top place roti container.
  • Close the cover and lock with the clips.
  • It comes with lunch bag. This bag has a small pocket inside to keep spoon.
  • Put the lunch box inside the bag and zip up the bag.
  • Bag has a nice long strap or belt to carry it.
  • Food remains hot for 6-7 hours.

Tips: I have bought this lunch box from and I just loved it. Please follow this link if you want to buy this lunch box

How to keep hot food hot

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