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Peanut is an unavoidable ingredient in Maharashtrian recipes. This is used to prepare raita, vegetables, curries, sabudana khichadi and the list goes on. It has a great shelf life. You can prepare it in bulk and store for 2 to 3 months. Whenever want just remove and use. Its so simple and useful.


Off course only peanuts

Peanut Powder


Heat pan on a low flame. Add peanuts and roast it till turns in to light brown in color. Stir it continuously to avoid burning of peanuts. After roasting peanuts to light brown color switch off the stove and let it get cool down completely.

Remove cover from peanuts. For this take handful of peanuts, rub it by using palms of your both hand. Now you have to separate cover from peanuts. This can be done by just giving blow till all covers separates from peanuts. To avoid mess use a large newspaper where you are removing cover from peanuts.

Crush white peanuts in a grinder. No need to make smooth powder. Just crush it to form a coarse powder.

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