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One of the most requested recipe on my website, Maharashtrian special, very aromatic Goda Masala. It has such a unique flavor that is hard to describe. A spoon of masala in every dish - adds extra delicacy to whole dish!


  • 3 tsp dry grated coconut
  • 3 tsp sesame seeds
  • 20 dried red chillies
  • 1/4 cup coriander seeds
  • 4 bay leaves
  • 3 sticks of dalchini
  • 7 black peppercorns
  • 7 cloves
  • 3 Javetri
  • 4 tsp fried onion (optional)
Maharashtrian Goda Masala


  • Dry roast grated dry coconut, sesame seeds separately till it gets nice brown color.
  • Add a tsp of oil and fry rest of the ingredients one by one till they get dark brown color and nice aroma starts to release from the spices.
  • Mix all the ingredients with fried onion and grind to make a smooth powder.

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Comments :

No Image Shailavi Sawant :     25 October 2016
Hi Madhura , Want to know if vatap of dry coconut and gods masala means same .

No Image very nice :     14 October 2016
Very good for every dishes. Thanks
No Image Madhura :     17 October 2016
Thank you for the feedback. Happy cooking.

No Image anushree ranjan :     15 February 2016
You have done such a nice work smile i love your site smile and the variety of food you prepare,thankyou for sharing the recipe smile
No Image Madhura :     15 February 2016
Thank you so much for your comment. Happy cooking.

No Image Padmapriya :     27 September 2015
the recipie was awesome and also very easy .... I tried this recipie and it tasted very yummy .Thanks for sharing this recipie Madhura smile

No Image Suresh Pohani :     23 September 2015
Nice... Very helpful, madhuji
No Image Madhura :     23 September 2015
Thank you nd happy cooking

No Image revathi v :     14 February 2015
All yr recipes r superb.god bless u

No Image Abhijit :     30 April 2014
Hi Madhura It is great to know your simple and easy recipes. They remind me of my mother as you make the recipes the same way my mother used to make them.could you let me know the proportion of all the dry ingredients to make 1 kg goda masala as you said in the video to 1 kg mirchi you need to add 20 gms of all ingredients i'm a bit confused if i ass 20 gms javitri it will be too strong so plz help me as the place where i stay i do not get maharashtrian goda masala which my family likes a lot and all the best and keep making nice aromatic dishes. Regards Abhijit

No Image Excellent, lovely and easy to handle. Thanks and god bless :     25 November 2013

No Image priya :     29 September 2013
Hi Madhura, I like your recipes. Do you have the recipe for 'kanda lasun chutney' masala'?

No Image Asha Anchan :     10 August 2013
Is goda masala & kala masala are same ?

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     23 March 2012
Neeta, <br/>Nope. You can skip it.

No Image Neeta :     21 March 2012
Will it make a difference to Goda Masala, if I do not add Javetri?

No Image shilpa :     18 November 2011
Hi Madhura, I have tried your Besan Ladoo recipe and it turned out so well.. Thanks a lot for the easy recipe.

No Image jyoti :     27 October 2011
hi Madhura, <br/> Wish a very happy Diwali... I tried your Besan ladoo and Rava ladoo... <br/>they were so awesome... Many thanks for it... <br/>Is there any substitute for javitri???

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     2 October 2011
Sayali, <br/>Javitri is known as Mace in English and you can easily get in any Indian grocery store. Thanks.

No Image sayali :     30 September 2011
hey madhura can you tell me english name for javitri and were can i get ?

No Image madhurasrecipe (mod) :     26 September 2011
Hi Parul, <br/>Yes, you can use mirch powder instead of red chilies. Make sure to add mirch powder once you grind all whole masala. For above mentioned quantity of goda masala, I would suggest to use 2 to 3 tbsp of mirch powder. Do let me know in case of any more questions.

No Image Sathya Sankar :     29 April 2011
Hi madhura, <br/> <br/>can u pls tell me the english names for dalchini, bedagi mirch and degi mirch? <br/>Loved all the recipes, you are doing a great job! <br/>Planning to make masala bhat from your recipe, will post it next week in my website, pls visit <br/>thanks.

No Image madhurasrecipe <i>(mod)</i> :     12 October 2010
Hi Roshni, <br/>Its good to see your comment. Thanks and keep watching.

No Image roshni :     11 October 2010
thanks madhura i wl make this

No Image roshni :     8 October 2010
i saw ur goda masala the ingredients r mostly used in garam masala so can we use this while making any sabji

No Image madhurasrecipe <i>(mod)</i> :     3 October 2010
Hi Anita, <br/> <br/>I prepared this Goda Masala in a very small quantity and dagad ful has a very strong flavors so just a single piece is enough. Thanks, have a good day!

No Image Anita :     1 October 2010
Hi Madhura, <br/>A quick question for how long does the goda masala last for? As Dagad phool is the key ingredient could you please tell me how much should be used for the above masala. Thanks

No Image madhurasrecipe <i>(mod)</i> :     18 August 2010
Thanks Shyama for the comment. Yes you are right. Dagad phool is one of the ingredient that are used in Goda Masala but I could not find it here. Feel free to add it while making goda masala. All the best grin