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Kurdai is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe. This is summer special recipe that comes under papad category. This is summer special recipe as it is usually prepared in summer, sun dried and stored. It is fried whenever required. It can be stored for the year. Though making kurdai is a tedious and time consuming process the end result is worth trying. Let’s make kurdai.


  • 1 kg Wheat
  • Water
  • Oil
  • Salt to taste
Kurdai - Marathi Recipe


  • Wash and soak wheat for 3 days. Wash the wheat and change the water daily.
  • It means if you have soaked wheat today morning, wash and change water next day morning and repeat the same on 3rd day.
  • On 3rd wheat ferments and puffs up. Wheat becomes soft and ff you press it in 2 fingers, it releases cheek.
  • This is an important step in making kurdai. Wash and clean wheat on the 3rd day.
  • Add some more water in wheat. Take 1/2 cup in blender pot and add 1 cup water in it.
  • Blend this in blender. Take out the blended wheat into a pan.
  • Add some more water and clean the blender pot. Add that water in blended mixture.
  • Add lots of water in the blended mixture and wash it really good. Remove the roughage aside.
  • Take a pot and place cheese cloth or cotton cloth over it. Place a strainer over it and strain the blended wheat mixture through it.
  • Add some water and strain it again.
  • Take the roughage again, add some more water. Wash it really good and drain it through the cheese cloth.
  • Take the drained mixture, cover and keep overnight.
  • Cheek will settle down and water will float above it. Next morning, try to drain maximum water from it.
  • Measure the quantity of cheek left behind and add same quantity of hot water in it.
  • Heat up a pan on medium heat and add oil so as not to form lumps of cheek.
  • Add water, salt and cover and bring it to boil.
  • When water begins to boil, add cheek into boiling water.
  • Use rolling pin for stirring continuously to avoid lumps formation of cheek.
  • Cooking of cheek is the most important step in this process.
  • Cook the cheek until it is nice and thick. Cover and cook for about 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes, remove the lid and check. The cheek becomes white and transparent.
  • Turn off the gas and cheek is already.
  • Grease the surface on which you are going to make kurdai with oil.
  • Take chakali mould and place shev making dish in it.
  • Fill up the cheek in chakali mould and roll out kurdai.
  • Sundry the kurdai under hot sun for about 1-2 days.
  • You can store kurdai in air tight container. These have shelf life of about 1-2 years.
  • You can make 30-35 kurdai from cheek of 1 kg wheat.

Kurdai - Marathi Recipe

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