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Ginger Garlic paste is one of the essential part of daily Indian cooking. Its really time saver if its made in bulk, which would last longer with out freezing it. So here's an easy recipe with easy home preservative to make ginger garlic paste last longer up to 2 to 3 months. smiley


  • 1 cup chopped Ginger
  • 1 cup peeled garlic cloves
  • 1 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 3 tbsp oil
Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste


  • First take ginger and wash really good under cold water and pat dry it.
  • Once the ginger of completely dry, cut that in to small cubes. I prefer to keep the skin on, if you want you can peel off the skin of ginger.
  • Now heat pan on medium heat, add salt and dry roast till salt change its color.
  • Once salt gets light golden color, switch off the heat and move the pan aside.
  • Now put ginger and garlic together in to blender and blitz to make it in to smooth paste.
  • Use oil to help in easy grinding process.
  • Once the paste is done, add roasted salt and again pulse 4 to 5 more times, to incorporate salt well with ginger garlic paste.
  • Remove paste in to clean glass jar and refrigerate immediately.


  • For quick roasting of salt, try to use steel pan.
  • Be sure ginger is completely dry, after its washed.
  • Do not use water while grinding ginger and garlic.
  • For longer storage life, store ginger garlic paste in small jars and containers, instead of dumping whole batch in one jar.
  • Do not put the jar of ginger garlic paste on the side doors of refrigerator, instead of that find out the coldest possible area in your refrigerator and put always store ginger garlic paste.

Homemade Ginger Garlic Paste

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Comments :

No Image Bharat Behl :     12 May 2016
Can we place the jar in freezer and when needed can be brought out before cooking, say 1 hour before cooking. After taking the required quantity the jar can again be placed in the freezer.

No Image Peris :     28 December 2015
No Image Madhura :     29 December 2015
Thank you and stay tuned

No Image hema :     22 February 2015
Why should we dry roast the salt? Can we not add salt directly? Can we make paste without adding salt?
No Image Bharat Behl :     12 May 2016
To evaporate water salt is roasted and it acts as a sort of preservative.
No Image Bharat Behl :     12 May 2016
To evaporate water salt is roasted and it acts as a sort of preservative.

No Image Randhir Nikam :     16 August 2014
Hi Madhura, Thanks for the recipe! I follow your videos especially for maharashtrian recipes. Any reason for roasting the salt?

No Image Ravindra :     12 February 2014
thanks a lot teaching these tastiest dishes. may you gain lots and lots of good kamma which will keep you healthy wealthy Happy life. with kind regards Ravindra.

No Image Gloria :     27 September 2013
Hi Madhura, Love your recipes, you're a great cook. Quick question, can I store ginger garlic paste in a stainless steel container?

No Image varsha nagpure :     2 August 2013
thanx madhura "Di" to show us very simple,easy and good receipes
No Image Madhura :     5 August 2013
Thanks sis. Take care.

No Image saras :     1 August 2013
Thanx madhura for the very useful tip.. Just to bring to your notice, The tips section says Do not use oil while grinding ginger and garlic. I think it should be do not use water. please clarify
No Image Madhura :     1 August 2013
you are right Saras, it should be water. My fault, it's been fixed now. Thanks for correction. smile

No Image Rita :     31 July 2013
Really good tips and recpies. Thanks Madhura
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No Image Madhura :     1 August 2013
Thanks Rita