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Pastries are not only meant to be tedious and time consuming. Try this Microwave Cake recipe for hassle-free ending. Like with any pastries the magic lies in the sponge sheet. You get that right and everything will be just so easy. Try your hands on this very easy Microwave Egg-less Sponge SheetAnd boost your confidence to make any pastry or cake ready at the click of your finger!

Preparation time : 10 mts
Cooking time : 5 mts
Serves : 4 people


  • 2 tbsp Butter
  • 2 tbsp Cream Cheese
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 3/4 cup Milk
  • 1 cup Maida
  • 1/2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/4 tsp Baking Soda
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence
  • 1 pack of Cool Whip
  • Tinned Pineapple Pieces


  • Take butter and cream cheese in mixing bowl.
  • To that add sugar and whisk well until it turns out creamy.
  • Slowly add warm milk and make that in to thin paste.
  • Now add vanilla essence and mix well.
  • Sieve maida in to wet mixture along with baking powder and baking soda.
  • Mix very well.
  • Pour the mixture in to greased 8*8 microwave safe Baking tray.
  • Microwave over high power for 4 minutes.
  • After cake is done allow it to cool down for 10 mts.
  • Then transfer that on to cooling rack.
  • After cake cools down divide that in to two equal size sponge sheets.

Cake Preparation

  • Take one of the sponge sheet.
  • Apply pineapple juice over that.
  • Apply a layer of cool whip over it.
  • Place few chunks of pineapple over cream layer.
  • Now put another sponge sheet on the top of previous sponge sheet.
  • Now cover the whole cake with cool whip.
  • Put some pineapple pieces on the top of cake and top that up with some maraschino cherries.
  • Slice it in to small pastry cakes!


  • Make sure to use butter and cream cheese at room temperature.
  • Be sure to use warm milk.
  • Power setting for each microwave varies, so be sure to adjust cooking time as per your own judgement.

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Comments :

No Image neha pendse :     19 April 2015
Hi Madhura, can cream cheese be replaced with anything else?

No Image rakhi :     27 January 2015
Hi Madhura,I am new to this.I wanted to know how the whipped cream becomes thick . When I do the cream it is thin only. Mostly I see the decorated whipped cream becomes stiff . Please reply me on my email Your receipes are are nice with easy ingredients.

No Image Akhila :     30 December 2014
Hi madhura..I am a big fan of your recipes..every recipe that I made worked out really well so is this yum yum pineapple was awesome ????
No Image Akhila :     30 December 2014
Sorry "????" Was a typo

No Image Gauri :     27 December 2014
Hi Madhura and everyone who has made this cake. I tried it today but unfortunately it turned out very hard like a sweet and hard naan and not at all spongy. I used exact same steps. My microwave is 1350 Watts. I cooked it in microwave mode(with highest temp at 900) for 3 mins first, but it was still raw, so i cooked for 2 more mins. It turned out to be very very hard. Also, when i was adding warm milk to sugar-creamcheese-butter mixture, water got separated and it seems like something wrong was there. I cross-checked milk was all fine. I dont think it has anything to do with the unfavorable results. As I beated this mixture very well with a beater. Please help asap. I need to make pineapple pastry today.

No Image Shubhangi :     30 September 2014
The Microwave is made from ingredients easily available at home. The Cream Cheese in this recepie, is generally available at an Indian home. rolleyes rolleyes

No Image hi i m new on this page :     18 July 2014

No Image diya :     1 May 2014
Thank u soooo much for such an interesting desert.... But plzzz .... Just tell me D substitute of cream cheese ...

No Image Rakhi :     10 March 2014
I tried this today n it turned out super yummy. no body could make out dat this was home made. U Rock Madhura smile smile smile

No Image Shweta :     12 February 2014
Nice recipe madhura..I will try out soon..also a suggestion- instead of vanilla , pineapple essence would work better..keep posting such ideas..

No Image drsunitasingh :     18 January 2014
what is cream cheese & cool whip? where can we get it? can we make it at home?

No Image amber :     2 December 2013
Madhura can v bakE dis cake oven .how much time.plz tell me thank u so much.ur way of teaching is so wel. grin

No Image alisa nisar :     1 December 2013
do you need to use cream cheese? what if you dont have it?

No Image sunna :     10 September 2013
What is a cool.whip????where is it available

No Image sunna :     10 September 2013
What is cream cheese????

No Image kearan :     13 August 2013
Could you plz suggest me as What can be used instead of cream cheese?

No Image saba :     11 August 2013
cool whip not available in pakistan how to make cool whip at home tell me plzz smile

No Image saba :     8 August 2013
hi aunty plz tell me the amount of milk
No Image Madhura :     10 August 2013
3/4 cup Milk. Its also mentioned in ingredient as wel.. grin

No Image ayisha malik :     4 August 2013
hi aunty...I JST LOVE U N URE RECIPES... :D i jst joind n liked ure page on fb n asked u a qs. so PLZ try to answer it asap...n PLZZZ post more simple microwave "the egg free chocolate cake" WAITING <3 smile
No Image saba :     8 August 2013
i m from pakistan i can't understand the amount of milk tell me how many cups of milk
No Image Madhura :     5 August 2013
Hi Ayisha, Thanks for liking the page. Sorry, I am not sure if I have responded back to you. Can you please send me your question again?

No Image Neelu :     31 July 2013
I tried the cake, but it came out very hard similar to the one mentioned by Darshana as in the below posts, please try ro reply back
No Image Madhura :     1 August 2013
Neetu, I am so sorry to hear that. Normally it happens when its overcooked. Try reducing cooking time whch should help next time. take care

No Image shams :     30 July 2013
Awesome page??? delicious and yummy recipes very easy to understand!!
No Image Madhura :     1 August 2013
Thanks Shams for the feedback.

No Image Anonymous :     4 March 2013
butter should be unsalted or salted can be used ??
No Image Madhura :     1 August 2013
It should be unsalted.

No Image Anonymous :     4 March 2013
instead of cream cheese, what can i Use?

No Image Madhuri Vashishtha :     9 February 2013
hii madhura, <br/>Its a nice recipe. but when i bake a cake in microwave convection it get hard from top and bottom. Can you please suggest what to do to prevent my cake to get harden..... <br/>thanks in advance
No Image Nimmi :     17 February 2014
Dear Madhuri, you are supposed to cook this in the Microwave mode and not on convection mode. Press on the "Microwave" once , and it shows the highest power. Cook on this mode for 4 mints according to this recipe. Or it is better you study the users' manual well. happy cooking grin
No Image Nimmi :     17 February 2014
Dear Madhuri, you are supposed to cook this in the Microwave mode and not on convection mode. Press on the "Microwave" once , and it shows the highest power. Cook on this mode for 4 mints according to this recipe. Or it is better you study the users' manual well. happy cooking grin

No Image m :     8 February 2013
i love your recipes, can u substitute 4tbsps of butter instead of the cream cheese in this recipe?

No Image Beena :     5 February 2013
Thank you so much for this receipe. This is 1st time in my life came out so good in the microwave. You are really smart. please keep posting your inovative ideas.

No Image mimi :     22 January 2013
Today I tried the Pineapple pastry [microwave technique. Turned out great.I have a question for you. <br/>With all the great food you make, how do you remain so thin?

No Image suseela :     14 December 2012
just now i made the cake.... really it came great!!! this recipe is very easy to make, even anybody can make this by following your instructions blindly. <br/>thanks for this wonderful recipe.i will start doing other recipes of you.... <br/>

No Image Prerana Pandey :     6 November 2012
Great recipe Madhura... I tried this one yesterday. I used Pillsbury whipped cream for icing, its very sweet. Could u suggest me some less sweetened cream. <br/>Otherwise cake was awesome. Thanks

No Image sunil shah :     3 November 2012
Thanks for nice recipes.What is cream cheese and from where I can purchase ?

No Image Darshana :     30 October 2012
Madhura, I tried this cake today, but it didnt came out spongy, instead it was like a rubber and hard and in one day, it became more hard to eat. What is the reason? i tried each step and tip as per you said.

No Image anu :     29 October 2012
this is an amazing recipe...tastes far the best n qiuck recipe for sponge cake.

No Image pramitha avinash :     16 October 2012
Thankz a lot madhuri...i tried this cake today,i got really a wonderful sponge cake. <br/>Really i wonder how a microwave can give such a soft and smooth cake...i used yoghurt instead of cheese,and the cake took 8mins to cook in my 900W oven.