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Welcome to Developing a new taste!!!
I came to USA in February 2007 and since then I started trying out variety of Indian restaurants but I was quite disappointed with the Indian food we get here in restaurants. The food was good but was not suitable to my palate which I was expecting the taste we get at back-home in India.
I thought why not to try these dishes at home? I couldn't stop myself trying new recipes at home. I kept on experimenting different recipes and those were turning just perfect! The taste was quite similar to food what we get at back-home in our restaurants. I just loved to try variety of recipes and to my surprise it was turning awesome!.I realized soon after that food is where my happiness and interest lies. I really enjoy when I'm cooking for a party, a potluck, or for a family friends. It was simply divine to see the people enjoying the food and the perfect look of satisfaction on their faces. Almost all started to insist me hey Madhura do something start your blog or your website. This inspired me to start a is a platform for me where I would love to share some of those all recipes which I learned and experimented on my husband. My best friend and soul-mate! Mangesh is the person who inspired me to be a better cook. He not only eats what I cook but also my food critic. Thanks to Mangesh, for always encouraging me to do better. The 101% credit for this website goes to him only since he is spending hours and hours in designing and developing this website.
I am not a chef, but I learned how to cook through years of watching my mom and it will remain in my memory for as long as I live. Because of my mom, my passion for cooking was born. My mom is the person from whom I learnt cooking. She is a great cook. she was always behind me to learn cooking, but i was always saying, 'no not now, may be after marriage'. ( was a spoiled kid :) Finally I started cooking after marriage only. I must say that great cooking can run in your blood! and I must say that my mom's advice worked wonders.
I worked with the bank in USA before taking up my job as a full-time mother and home-maker. I Quit my job because I wanted to spend most of my time with my daughter as I want to bring back my childhood being with her.